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The site of pain in your body represents the symptom but not the pathophysiology of your pain or discomfort. I can help you to identify and address the pathophysiology of your pain or discomfort through the clinical assessment and differentiation of the condition. The appropriate and targeted application of treatment technique will ensure quick, effective and long lasting corrective care.

I treat musculoskeletal (MSK) as well as neural conditions, and assist athletes in restoring quality of movement.

I use movement therapy to improve mobility, strength, coordination and neurodynamics.

Sports therapy involves the assessment and treatment of the athlete. It includes preparation prior to competition both physically and psychologically and subsequent recovery from training and competition of amateur and elite level athletes.

4/35 Hume St
Crows Nest 2065
Friday 9am–6pm
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Movement Therapy Initiative
Movement Therapy Initiative

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Private Health Insurance rebates are available.
Private Health Insurance rebates are available. You will be provided a receipt to claim your refund from your health fund provider.
Approved Providers:

  • Australian Health Management (AHM)
  • Australian Regional Health Group (ARHG)
  • BUPA Australia Health
  • CBHS Health Fund Limited (Commonwealth Bank)
  • Medibank
  • nib
  • Doctors’ Health Fund
  • Australian Unity
  • GU Health
  • HBF
  • HCF