Social Learning

I discuss the necessity of social learning to develop my knowledge and skills as a myotherapist.

I propose the formation of a support group and the use of social learning and physical therapy tools to overcome personal challenges and cultural biases.

Is stress holding you back from pursuing passions in your life?

My vision statement is that physical therapy goes hand-in-hand with pursuing our passions.

The concept is to take physical therapy out of the clinic space, and provide it in a class environment.

The intention is to cultivate a stress-free but committed environment to learn and practice therapeutic movement exercise techniques, diaphragmatic breathing, and anything from my physical therapy and yoga toolbox that will help you!

My philosophy of fitness is that you must be able to perform a simple functional task (like bending down or getting up) at any stage of your life without pain.

Interested? I am looking for fantastic, open-minded people to create change!