• Every therapist has the right to make the decision as to the appropriateness of the draping and positioning of both male and female clients. However, decision-making and draping protocols should be consistent in context with the treatment, the pathology, within the scope of practice of the practitioner, and in consultation with the client.
  • Professional massage therapists should never, under any circumstances, proceed with treatment of any area of the body without first obtaining written “informed consent” and providing the client with information about how the treatment will be performed.
  • Massage Therapists must recognise, accept and respect the right of every individual client to choose whether he or she wishes to decline treatment based on the draping and positioning methods used. Therapists must carefully ensure that clients are never, in any way, subjected to any form of pressure whatsoever (either direct or implied) to accept the proposed draping and positioning.
  • Appropriate full draping is to be utilised during any massage treatment and unless modality specific, there is no requirement for any area other than that being treated, to be exposed. The AAMT recommends that to avoid discrimination it is suggested that any client’s breasts and genitalia be covered at all times with towels or in the case of females, a soft bra/bra top.